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Trekking Essentials

Trekking Essentials – Things you Need to Know
Trekking trips in Vietnam are quite famous these days all around the world. As more and more awareness is being spread about unique and less travelled by or unexplored travel destinations, there is an increasing amount of people who have started to get interested in Adventure Travel. Traveling is no longer limited to going to popular cities of the world, staying in a good hotel, visiting monuments and other sightseeing places, doing shopping and coming back.
Travel now means going by foot on unexplored areas and experiencing thrilling activities at mountain peaks or under seas and oceans. And that is how trekking also became highly popular, especially with the younger generation who loves to live life on the edge and go on trips without any planned agenda. However, safety of course is a major concern irrespective of how old you are, or who you are traveling with. It is important to keep in mind some tips and tricks to ensure that your next trekking trip goes successful.
First and foremost, ensure that you have the right kind of clothes and shoes. You cannot go on a trekking trip with your usual shoes. You need to have sports shoes with a thick sole, so that they can help you walk comfortably on harsh and rocky paths.
Clothes too need to be comfortable, and according to the climate of the place you are traveling in. Make sure that you wear simple clothes with no unnecessary hangings that might become a hindrance in your travel. Jeans of track pants with at-shirt of a sweatshirt are ideal for trekking.
Avoid carrying a lot of extra and unnecessary stuff that adds to your luggage. You need to ensure that you have limited and only important stuff in your backpack, so that there is no extra stress or pressure on your shoulders.
This is even more important in case of mountain tops, because as you go higher, you start to have less supply of oxygen. You need to have less weight on your body to breathe easily.
Then you also need to carry a first aid box with you, along with essentials such as an air bag (in the event of a breathing attack). Carry antiseptic lotions, band aids and bandages, mosquito repellents, a multipurpose cutter or knife etc.
Torches, extra batteries, candles, a match box or a lighter and some small snack packets are also a must. If there is a need, then you also need to carry your own sleeping bags.

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